Sheffield Workshop

We are gearing up for the second workshop of 3DbioNet on the 6th of June! Earlier in January we’ve had an exciting kick off to the network at our Launch workshop. This time we hope to get bigger, better, and faster! 

Venue: Pam Liversidge Building, The University of Sheffield, Newcastle Street, S1 3JD



Step 2: PAYMENT.  Once registered, please complete the payment to confirm your place at the workshop.

Last date for registration and payment (extended): 31st May 2019, 1200 hours.

For any questions, email us at

ABSTRACT TEMPLATE for posters and technology talks. Send the completed abstracts to

Last date for abstract submission: 31st May 2019 1200hrs.

Academic or Industry (standard): £25
PhD or PDRA: £12
Industry registration + technology talk presentation: £75

Workshop Programme (subject to change)

09:00     10:00     Registration including refreshments            

10:00     10:10     Welcome – Summary of Liverpool Workshop and Objectives for Sheffield Workshop. Dr Raphaël Lévy / Prof Helen Byrne / Prof John Haycock  Univ. of   Liverpool/Oxford/Sheffield

10:10     10:35     Guest Lecture: Innovation and Technology Transfer of 3D models – from university research to industry.  Prof Stefan Przyborski. Univ. of Durham

10:35     11:00     Guest Lecture: TTL IBIN – Integrative Biological Imaging Network. Dr Simon Ameer-Beg, Kings College London

11:00     11:20     Coffee + networking + posters                   

11:20     11:45     Guest Lecture: Perivascular macrophages in tumours Prof Claire Lewis, Univ. of Sheffield

11:45     11:50     Update on TTL funding opportunities.  Dr Raphaël Lévy / Prof Helen Byrne, Univ. of Liverpool / Oxford

11:50     11:55     Briefing for Problem Led Networking. Prof John Haycock, Univ. of Sheffield

11:55     13:00     3DBioNet Problem Led Networking – thematic groups.  Topics identified by delegates at the TTL network meeting in Liverpool.          

13:00     14:00     Lunch +  networking + posters   

14:00     14:30     Plenary – Reporting back of Problem Led Networking + Actions. Dr Raphaël Lévy, Univ. of Liverpool

14:30     15:30     Early Career Researchers Session – to be organised by ECRs. Dr Caroline Taylor + colleagues across TTL, Univ. of Sheffield +

15:30     15:55    Technology highlights   (5x 5 mins)

15:55     16:20     Coffee + networking + posters         

16:20      16:45  Technology Highlights contd. (5x 5 mins)     

16:45     17:00     Closing remarks + announcement of poster prizes.  Dr Raphaël Lévy /Prof Helen Byrne / Prof John Haycock, Univ. of Liverpool/Oxford/Sheffield

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