Launch Workshop

Thank you to all those who attended the Launch Workshop (14th and 15th January 2019, The Liner hotel, Liverpool). We have had two hugely interactive days with a great mix of people, lectures, posters, technology showcase, lightning talks and thought provoking discussions. Here are some quick highlights… 
If you were not able to attend, you can still join the discussion on Twitter #3DbioNet.

The key objectives of the workshop:

  • Generate new ideas, collaborations and innovations to address the challenges in the field of 3D microtissues.
  • To facilitate multidisciplinary consortia addressing the key issues identified.
  • To shape the agenda of the network through engagement with industry, academia and other stakeholders.
  • To advertise the funding priorities of the network.


Schedule for the Workshop

DAY 1  14th January 2019 

11:00     11:15     Registration including refreshments

11:15     11:35     Welcome address and introduction to the network

Dr Raphael Levy /Prof Helen Byrne, Univ. of Liverpool/Oxford

11:35     11:55     Guest Lecture: Title TBC. Prof Jamie Davies, Univ of Edinburgh

11:55     12:15     Guest Lecture: A systems toxicology toolbox for mechanism-based safety assessment. Dr Bob Van der Water, Univ. of Leiden

12:15     12:30     Guest Lecture: Expanding organoids at scale: a multidisciplinary journey. Dr. Marianne Ellis, Univ of Bath / Cellesce

12:30     12:50     Guest Lecture: Novel Human-based Hepatic Safety Models for Mechanistic Risk Assessment. Dr Dominic Williams, Astrazeneca

12:50     13:05     Guest Lecture: Insights from mathematical models of spheroids for drug uptake & cancer spreadDr Rachel N Bearon , Univ. Of Liverpool

13:05     14:00     Lunch +  networking + posters

14:00     14:20     Briefing for Breakout sessions    Dr Raphael Levy/ Prof Helen Byrne, Univ. of  Liverpool/Oxford

14:20     15:15     5 Breakout sessions in discussion rooms

15:15     15:45     Coffee + networking + posters

15:45     16:30     Breakout session debrief

16:30     17:00     Discussion panel, Panellists + all delegates

17:00     17:30     2-3 min Lightning talks (up to 8)

17:30     18:30     Posters + nibbles

19:00                    Drinks, Dinner, Networking

DAY 2  15th January 2019   

09:00     09:30     Guest lecture: Title TBC  Dr Alicia El Haj, Univ. of  Birmingham

09:30     10:30     Meet the Management Board

10:30     11:10     Coffee + networking

11:10     12:00     Technology Showcase (up to 6)

12:00     13:00     Lunch +  networking

13:00     13:30     Round-table discussion

13:30     13:45     Next steps / Call for Travel & Secondments applications, Prof Helen Byrne

13:45     14:00     Closing remarks        Dr Raphael Levy/Prof Helen Byrne

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