Journal Club

Interested in 3D biology? Join us in our recently launched online journal club on zoom. The participation is open to anyone, whether you are in academia, or industry, work as a student or a professor. Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates and the link to join the upcoming club.

3DbioNet started the online journal club from April this year, meeting online every other Friday. The club is for anyone interested in 3D tissue models. Our first club was on the 3rd of April and we’ve had around 33 participants from around the UK, so far mainly from academia. Manohar Koduri, PhD student at the University of Liverpool discussed a research article on cardiac tissue modelling. The discussion attracted great interactions among the participants, therefore we decided to make the cardiac models as the continuing theme for discussion in the second club. This was led by Annabelle, at Dr Ipsita Roy’s laboratory in University of Leeds.

Our latest club was on 29th May 2020, 2pm. @Jonathan_T_3D from @raphavisses group discussed this paper:… See Twitter to join the club on Zoom.

Do you want to present a paper at any of our future clubs? Contact us at

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