3D model of ovarian cancer and metastasis: a 3DbioNet funded project

3DbioNet funded a range of projects, one of them was at Dr. Eirini Velliou’s group at the University of Surrey. The project aims to design a biomimetic 3D printed prototype of primary ovarian cancer.

”We want to see what happens when a patient develops resistance to a certain disease” ,
Dr. Priyanka Gupta, Velliou’s group, University of Surrey.

Dr. Eirini Velliou’s group at University of Surrey, received funding from 3DbioNet network to develop a 3D model of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is a deadly gynaecological disease. Currently, there are not many screening platforms for this cancer, other than simple 2D models which are not very effective. The 3D model to be developed by the Velliou group is a complex and advanced model of spread and development of the ovarian cancer. It will capture the tumour microenvironment including structural integrity and interstitial flow, and utilise patient derived cancer cells leading the way for development of personalised therapy. Video courtesy Cal Strode.

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