Imaging and modelling 3D cell culture systems

Our latest workshop was a joint event with another Technology Touching Life network, IBIN (Integrated Biological Imaging Network) in London. This was our first joint IBIN-3DBioNet workshop where over 100 attendees from all over the UK met during two days in January. IBIN‘s focus is on developing new methods of taking high-resolution images of living cells in 3D systems and tissues. So, the complementarity with 3DbioNet is obvious. The first day included a session on mental health organised and chaired by early career researchers. The power of combining experimental and mathematical modelling approaches was on full display during the two days through several excellent talks. Our colleagues from the industry sector brought important insights on what is needed to develop future applications and how collaborations with academia will be essential. Overall, a highly successful event, which, we hope, triggered many new ideas and collaborations. You can check out the Twitter reporting from the event. Below is the full video from the event. Thanks a lot to Cal Strode who made this fantastic video.

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