Mini-brain organoids: a Post Card from John Hopkins

Dear 3DbioNet,

Many thanks for the Collaboration Challenge award. I visited Professor Thomas Hartung’s laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA from 8th to 14 th April 2019.

Thomas Hartung’s team at John Hopkins

During the visit, Dr Lena Smimova showed me how to culture mini-brain organoids (spheroids) from iPS-derived NPC using a shaker protocol.

The shaker in a CO2 incubator and Dr Lena Smimova at work

I also did one set of my own culture and follow it for 5 days. At the same time, I did immunofluorescence staining for fixed spheroids provided by Dr Smimova. It was an enjoyable and successful trip for our collaboration.

Left: my spheroids in day 5 from NPC; right: spheroid stained with tubulin in green and GFAP in red. Blue is Hoechst.

At the moment, I am setting up the culture system at Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) and will compare it with a protocol from Professor Jens Schwamborn at University of Luxembourg by using the Quasi Vivo millifluidic system from Kirkstall Ltd.

I have contacted Simon Butterworth at Kirkstall to arrange delivery the system in the near future.

Sincerely yours,†††††††

Ke Ning

Senior Lecturer in Translational Neuroscience

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