3DbioNet Peeriodical – discussing 3D cell biology

A Peeriodical is a website that facilitate discussions of any published journal article that has a DOI. We have set up a 3DbioNet Peeriodical as a platform for scientists with interest in 3D biology field to review and discuss recent or older publications. We are facilitating this journal club because we believe that open discussion of science is essential, especially in an interdisciplinary field like ours. We hope this space for scientific discussion will benefit all the 3DbioNet network members in their current and future research, to improve the robustness of research outputs, identify problems, and share new ideas/protocols to improve our working practices.

Have a look at the first three reviews:

Blended electrospinning with human liver extracellular matrix for engineering new hepatic microenvironments (2019); Rhiannon Grant, John Hallett, Stuart Forbes, David Hay, Anthony Callanan – Reviewed by Raphaël Lévy and Jonathan Temple

Familial Alzheimer’s disease patient-derived neurons reveal distinct mutation-specific effects on amyloid beta (2019); Charles Arber, Jamie Toombs, Christopher Lovejoy, Natalie S. Ryan, Ross W. Paterson, Nanet Willumsen, Eleni Gkanatsiou, Erik Portelius, Kaj Blennow, Amanda Heslegrave, Jonathan M. Schott, John Hardy, Tammaryn Lashley, Nick C. Fox, Henrik Zetterberg, Selina Wray – Reviewed by Sandrine Willaime-Morawek

Aggregated P19 mouse embryonal carcinoma cells as a simple in vitro model to study the molecular regulations of mesoderm formation and axial elongation morphogenesis (2009); Yusuke Marikawa, Dana Ann A. Tamashiro, Toko C. Fujita, Vernadeth B. Alarcón – Reviewed by David A Turner

You can participate to this journal club in several ways:

1. Comment on any of the existing reviews (just hit “Reply” at the bottom of a review; you will have the option of staying anonymous or of signing your comment)

2. Contact us (email or Twitter) to suggest a paper you would like us to review.

3. Write your own review of a paper and send it to us to share with the wider community.

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