Call for articles: special issue on 3D microtissues

The 3DbioNet team is inviting you to contribute articles for a special issue on the interdisciplinary challenges associated with the development and adoption of 3D microtissues. The special issue will be published in the Royal Society journal Interface Focus (information for authors). Read more about the scope of the special issue below.

Conventional two-dimensional (2D) cell models are a poor representation of human tissue anatomy and physiology; this can result in pharmacological and toxicological responses to pharmaceutical agents which are not relevant to humans.  Increasing awareness of these issues has led to the development of 3D cell culture models of human tissues, but many of the routine research methods do not easily translate from 2D to 3D.  Exploitation of the new 3D models therefore requires the development and application of new technologies that can control cell growth conditions to better recapitulate the anatomy and physiology, enhance reproducibility, and enable the complexity of the cellular structures to be monitored as they develop. This special issue welcomes reports, research articles and reviews that define and address challenges associated with the development and adoption of 3D microtissues. The focus is interdisciplinary science for 3D microtissues, from the development of biomaterials and bioengineering processes for cell culture, to tools that can perturb and record thousands of individual cells and their biochemical responses, and advanced mathematical and computational models that will assist in the design and understanding of these systems.

Contact us to express your interest before Monday 4th of February 2019 (publication in this special issue is by invitation only).

Submission deadline: Monday 1st of July 2019.

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