Become a member of 3DbioNet

Whether you are in academia or industry, if you are interested to become a member of our network, please register your interest here.

3 Comments on “Become a member of 3DbioNet

  1. I’m interested in becoming a member of the 3DbioNet.
    In my lab we use neurosphere cultures from mouse brain to investigate a genetic cause of microcephaly. We are analysing a knock-out mouse model for a gene, mutations of which cause a neurodevelopmental disorder in humans (microcephaly, intellectual disability, developmental delays). Using primary neurosphere cultures, we are assessing proliferation of neural progenitor cells as well as their differentiation.
    I’m looking forward to interact with people having similar and/or complementary interests.
    Toni Plagge


  2. Hi Raphael, I’d be interested in joining the network. Let em know if you need anything from me. Neill


  3. Neill, Toni,
    Thanks for your interest! Can you fill the form to indicate your interest, sorry the link was not super visible; if you click on “here” now in bold in the text above, it will take you to a Google form.


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