JOIN OUR NEXT MEETING: 3DBioNet and IBIN are hosting a joint meeting over two days in London on 20th and 21st of January. The meeting is aimed at bringing together people from different disciplines developing novel microscopy platforms, imaging tools, software and model systems to image biological events in 3D, with a view to driving new collaborations.

The 1st day of the meeting will be hosted by 3DBioNet and will consist of talks and discussions surrounding the current challenges in 3D cell culture. The 2nd day of the meeting will be a special joint programme between 3DBioNet and IBIN aimed at fostering collaboration between the networks as well as identifying and tackling the current bioimaging challenges.

Attendees have the option to sign up to either day or the full two-day meeting.

Spaces are capped due to venue constraints and we’re expecting a large turnout. The deadline to register is January 13th. Register now before spaces fill up!

About us:

3DbioNet is a UKRI funded TTL Network, working to unlock the potential of engineering 3D cell culture models of human tissues to illuminate human physiology, mechanisms of diseases and how these may be safely treated.

Our multidisciplinary network sets out to strengthen the position of the UK as a leader in the field of 3D micro-tissues by funding collaborations that advance the science around supporting 3D cell culture models throughout their life cycle. More on the Network’s scope and ambition is available here.

In October 2019 we announced our first Funded Projects. Keep up to date with funding opportunities and our work with our one-click sign up below, or if you have time, tell us a little about yourself using our full sign up form.

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